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Hello, my name is Vojtech Blazejovsky, and I'm originally from the Czech Republic.

I came to be a metal worker in my thirties when I trained as a brazer and CNC operator with the flagship British brand Brompton Bicycles. For over 7 years I learned their craft and production discipline. I then joined Hall Conservation, a company specialising in the restoration of heritage metal work, fine art and sculptures, as well as bespoke interior and exterior design pieces. I was with Hall Conservation for a number of years, and coupled this with advance training and qualifications. Since moving to California in 2022, I have been exploring and developing my own practice as an artist, which is the work you see shared on this site. 


My home town in the Czech Republic is famous for its glass production. My mother is a trained glass painter, and my father is a metal worker. In my work I aspire to honour their respective crafts by bringing together their creativity and skill.  

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