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The Monarch and Dandelions

The Monarch and Dandelions


The Monarch butterfly is a symbol of fragility of our ecosystem, but also hope for the future; we nearly lost this beautiful species. This sculpture depicts a Monarch as a reminder of the importance of all pollinators for a flourishing habitat.

This Monarch is predominantly made of recycled materials. The butterfly's body is made of soldered copper piping joints, with sheet metal for wings. The Monarch sits within a number of dandelions. The base of these plants is created from a car disc brake, and the stems are made of stainless steel flexible hoses that used to carry oil.  


A number of metalworking techniques had been used on this piece. They include; forging, TIG welding, soldering, silver brazing and plasma cutting. The sculpture was zinc sprayed before it received paint and patina. Finally, a clear coat was applied, to give protection from the elements.


Suitable for outdoor use. 

Dimensions: 6'h x 3'w x 2.5'd

Weight: 68lbs

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