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The Fern Bench

The Fern Bench


Sculptural bench in the shape of a fern leaf, with a dragonfly detail. 

As a child I used to love watching cartoons where the main characters were insects who used plants and natural objects for utility. I wanted to design this bench, so that we can become part of this imaginery world. 

The bench has been fabricated and welded from steel that has been galvanised (dipped in molten zinc) for weather protection. Paint, patina and satin clear coat finish.  The dragonfly is made of welded stainless steel and soldered copper, similarly with paint, patina and satin clear coat finish. 

11ft W x 4ft D x 6ft H

Fixing instructions: 
The bench is comprised of 3 parts which join togther with a screw and bolt system. The bench can be secured to the ground using 4 anchoring points, as required. 

Please get in touch for postage and delivery options. 

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