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The Phoenix is a large sculpture, predominantly made of steel, with copper and brass piecess. At 7 ft of height, this sculpture is finished with brown, rust-effect patina, with black, bronze and brass accents.

With an approx. 7 ft wingspan it's copper feathers have light green patina  within its veins. Sealed in polished wax.

The main body and it's skeletal structure is finished with penetrol, which is a special laquer finish, which penetrates the steel to maintain it's patina, and offering further protection from outdoors conditions.

My version of The Phoenix is depicted with a fire torch, embeded in its skeletal body, made of brass sheets. There are more flames amongst it's head and beak too.

Embelished with a headpiece  made of hand hammered brass feathers, this is a show stopper for your property, which was worth the wait through it's creation time.




7'H x 7'W x 3'D


For delivery please contact me.


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